Fluoropolymer coatings application and functional hi-tech coatings


With 25 years of experience, TECHNICOAT offers high-quality services. Technical coating applications are individually tailored in order to always fit the client's needs. Thanks to TECHNICOAT´s solid relationship with globally-leading coating suppliers, we have been able to remain at the industry's top position, mainly due to the progressive utilization of new materials as well as the application of advanced surface treatment technologies. Our team of specialists processes your order quickly and efficiently and strives to find the best solutions.

TECHNICOAT specializes in the applications of diverse technical coatings, including (PTFE, PFA, FEP, ETFE, ECTFE, MFA as well as PA-11, PE) commonly known as TEFLON®, XYLAN®, HALAR®, RILSAN®, etc. ur main focus is on non-adhesive and anticorrosion solutions and dry lubrication.


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Our subsidiary company TECHNICOAT Bakeware specializes in supplies for the baking and food industry market.