TECHNICOAT s.r.o., TECHNICOAT Czech Republic s.r.o.

  • Technicoat operates in the surface coating business and specializes in the application of industrial coatings. Our technical know-how is based on the 25 year experience in global surface coating business.
  • Using advanced technologies, Technicoat provides custom-made surface coating services.Technicoat specializes in the application of PTFE, PFA, FFP, ETFE, ECTFE, MFA fluoropolymer based coatings and PA-11 and PE and other specialist types of coatings.
  • Thanks to close customer-supplier relationships established with the leading suppliers of coating materials, Technicoat always offers the most updated materials and coating solutions.
  • As a result of this determination and technical know-how, Technicoat was awarded DuPont licence to apply Teflon® fluoropolymer coatings "DuPont Licensed Industrial Applicator" as one of the first coaters located in Eastern and Central Europe.  
Quality Policy:

Be a reliable supplier of high-quality functional coatings at competitive prices. Provide our customers with efficient solutions to their technical problems with regards the surface finishes including consultancy services.


Company´s Strategy:

1. Become a market leader in application of functional coatings in the Czech Republic and in the Central & Eastern Europe.

2. Employ the manufacturing processes and supply the products with as minimum impact on the working and living environment. Become ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 compliance.

3. Provide our customers with short lead time and "Service 24", "Service weekend" (for additional charge) when lead time is critical.


We put great emphasis on:
  • enhancing the effectiveness of the management system and its processes
  • improving the company’s environmental profile
  • environment pollution prevention

We believe that continuous improvement to customer – supplier communication leads to shared growth and prosperity.