Food industry

Fluoropolymer-based coatings are frequently used in the food industry. All coatings are FDA approved, which means they can be in direct contact with any sort of foodstuff.

Coating benefits:

  • High corrosion resistance and extremely low friction (easy cleaning)
  • Resistance to hot water, oils, fats, and steam
  • Withstands extreme hot and cold temperatures
  • Food preparation equipment protection
  • Quick mold release

Typical applications:

  • Baking trays, baguette trays, and tin sets
  • Baking racks
  • Re-coating of trays and molds
  • Hoppers and chutes, conical rounders, mounting blindsdrums and cylinders
  • In milk processing industry: turnstile for milk powder transportation, press molds, cheese molds
  • In gastronomy: professional pans, baking sheets, containers for production and sales of salads and spreads
  • In beverage industry: parts of the filling machine where it is necessary to clean the used adhesives for labels

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