Off-shore industry

Coating properties

  • High corrosion resistance of coated parts exposed to saltwater and aggressive chemicals at high temperatures and pressures
  • Dry lubricant effect used for the metal seal
  • Tightening torque for bolt connections can be pre-defined when coated

Typical applications:

  • fasteners
  • oil and gas subsea & surface installations
  • conveyor belts

Customer specification:

  • Cameron Schlumberger - AVL number: 10117046

A-004028, A-004035, A-002500, A-002511,

X-027155, X-027159, X-027062, X-004022, X-027047, X-004038, X-027022

  •  GE

VGS 6.2.3., VGS 6.3.1., VGS 6.3.2.

  • Technip FMC

C81000, C81001, C81004, C81005, C81006, C81012, C80127,

C80159, C80162, C80180, C80300, C80301, C80400, C80401

  • Aker Solution

C-156, C-110, C-164, C-172, C-149

  • Vam